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On the defense

on January 9, 2012

My blog is starting to get noticed by random people in cyberland. I’ve only shared this with my friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook, but I suppose with the help of search engines, people are falling upon my little creative outlet here.

However, along with the acknowledgement, my blog is also getting criticism, and while I respect people’s opinions, I also feel the need to defend myself based upon a blog that was written about my blog.

I recently received a comment from a man named Geoff A., who writes a blog about heightism, “A Blog dedicated to the exploration of height bias and discrimination. ”

Geoff took it upon himself to critique my blog as part of his exploration.

You can find the link to his post here.

I appreciate how Geoff decided to link me in his Tumblr blog, because I got a lot more traffic coming in than usual, but I was a little thrown off by his commentary.

Geoff mentions that he almost didn’t want to link my blog because he found it to be “heightist.”

Upon looking up a clear definition of heightist, I found it to mean “Someone who believes that people are superior to or inferior to others on account of their respective heights, or that people of differing heights have different moral qualities and intellectual capabilities.”

So basically, what I get from that is that my blog is like racist, but in regards to height.


So this guy thinks that I believe that taller people are superior to shorter people, as he mentions how I have “a post praising tall men for their height.” Perhaps this makes Geoff a little insecure, as he describes himself as a short man in his blog. However, I have to argue with the statement about me praising tall men for their height, especially if he read over my reasoning for why I think I may be more attracted to taller men. I apologize if it is wrong for me to have some subconscious attraction to taller men. If he read the end of my blog post, he also would have noticed that I don’t have anything against short men. Some men like blondes, some like brunettes. Some people have a thing for Asian men or women and some may find another ethnicity attractive. I don’t think I should feel bad for preferring a tall guy over a short guy. I don’t discriminate against short men, as a “heightist” might do. It’s just a matter of attraction.

Geoff went on to label me as a “self-hating short person” based on my recent posts. So maybe Geoff didn’t mean that I am heightist towards others, but rather, towards myself. As if I think I am less worthy and inferior because I, myself am short.

Let me set this straight. While I have a blog dedicated to the fact that I am a short person, it really isn’t an important factor in my life. I do not go around on a daily basis saying “woe is me, how i wish i was taller.” That really isn’t the case. I write this blog for my own entertainment purposes and for those who find it entertaining. I enjoy writing and I simply use this as a way to keep writing as I try to obtain a writing related career. So anyone that reads this shouldn’t really take it that seriously.

I do not hate myself because I am short. I do not hate my height. I also do not think of myself as inferior to others because I am short. I consider myself to be an intelligent person, with good morals, and I don’t feel better than or inferior to anyone that is taller or shorter than 5 feet. It’s simply a characteristic of me. I’ve been around 5 feet since the 7th grade. Trust me, I’m used to it by now. I embrace my height. I try to write a mix of posts where my height really is a convenience and really is a good thing, but If I’m being realistic, there are also situations in life where my height does factor in and makes something a little more difficult. I try to write posts about the good and the bad and I even throw in a few posts about short people who are inspiring and short people who are uncomfortable about their height. I apologize If I come off as a “self-hating short person” because I may have a few more posts where I talk about how my height was an issue in a certain situation. Thing is, i enjoy writing posts like that because I can find humor in the situation and I enjoy making people laugh. I apologize if anyone is thrown off by my sarcasm and exaggeration that I include in some of my posts, when it comes to issues with my height.

When it comes down to it, my height is just another part of me. I chose to write about my height and occasionally I mention how a situation could have been different if I had a few extra inches to spare. I also write about how I benefit from my height in certain situations. I could have chosen to write about being a female and discuss how I wish I was a man sometimes because it would be fantastic to be able to pee standing up. If only I had a penis… But then someone would probably criticize me for having an Electra complex or penis envy, so I must be sexist.

Later in his post, Geoff goes on to say how he changed his mind and decided to link my blog because he enjoyed my earlier posts which he calls “thoughtful and honest”, where I guess I wrote more content about my height being a positive thing. I am eternally grateful that he would find it within himself to change his feelings about how he thinks I feel about my height(Note, this is also sarcasm.) He also seems to think that I have a “love/hate” relationship with my height and that maybe, like him, I will grow out of my “heightism” and learn to not look at my height as “a personal failing.”

Not once did I think about my height as a personal failing, so I apologize if that seems apparent in my blog.

I guess what I have learned from this is that there are always going to be the critics out there. Someone is always going to have something to say. Someone is always going to have their feelings and opinions about what you put out there and the only thing you can do is laugh it off, or maybe just try to change the critics opinions if you feel that they’re a little off. This is why I’ve attempted to explain myself a bit here in response to the author of “The Social Complex.”

But I also feel like I shouldn’t have to explain myself or apologize for anything that I wrote, so every “sorry” and “I apologize” that I wrote above is just another touch of sarcasm. My blog is what it is and I’m not sorry for anything that I write.

I’m not trying to correct “heightism” because I never saw it as a big issue in society, with the exception of employers discriminating against short people in the work place and there being proof that taller people are paid more than shorter people, just as males are paid more than females. Yes, this is a problem, but there are much bigger problems out there that need recognition. Racism is still very prominent in every day society and it is a much bigger issue than “heightism” ever will be. People are harmed and even killed every day because of racist hatred. I’d personally rather focus on the bigger issues in our society that need fixing.

If you truly are interested in heightism though, do check out Geoff’s blog. Despite his distaste for many of my posts, we do have some similar content and he is a talented writer, so I fully support that. And congratulations to him on being able to “evolve in [his] thinking” about his height.


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