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Driving Ms. Katie

on March 7, 2012

I’m sort of new at this whole driving thing.

I spent many years thinking that I could survive by relying on the MTA, but after quite some time, I realized that the MTA is not so reliable.

However, I also have my trusty little bicycle, which is perfect to ride around the boardwalk in my town.

But the boardwalk only goes so far.

It took me quite a while to finally get on the road.

I got my learner’s permit…twice.

And at 22, I finally got my driver’s license and my world was open.

Not by too much…I’m still a little nervous to try out the highway alone.

But I can go places! But I do ask my friends to stop asking me to take long road trips to certain places, unless they’re willing to train me on how to handle trips that require highways.

Since November 1, 2011, when I officially became a licensed driver, I’ve learned a few things about how being a short person affects my driving.

I admit it. I am, as my brother obnoxiously called me 2 weeks ago, a little old grandma when I drive.

First off, I cannot go anywhere on the road without my glasses because I’m kinda sorta blind while driving without them, but with my height, it gets worse.

When I get in the car, I go over the basic put on the seatbelt, check the mirrors, turn the car on things.

But I also have to adjust the seat…to the closest that I can possibly get to the pedals, because otherwise, I cannot reach them.

So I am pretty much right up to the steering wheel.

And according to my sister, this will kill me.


If God forbid I get in an accident, and the oh so safe air bags deploy…I’m dead.

Or at least, I’ll be knocked unconscious.

But I physically cannot handle being any further than the closest place that the seat stops next to the steering wheel.

Well, because, I’d be dead as I wouldn’t be able to reach the brakes.

Either way, I’m screwed, so I’m just going to hope that I won’t get into an air bag deploying accident.

Recently I’ve had more access to a car than usual because I’m able to use my mom’s car whenever I want, as she’s on vacation.

And I’ve been learning that as gorgeous as sunsets are, they are NOT a short driver’s friend.


For most people, there are those handy dandy shade thingamajigs that are supposed to block blindness in such a case, but for me, this device is USELESS.

Since I am so low in the seat, the sun still peeks under the shade, and still manages to blind me, so I need to push my body up while sitting, so that I can still manage to see while I am driving.

As far as I know, this isn’t safe either, but I have no other choice at this point.

I need a booster seat so I can chill like this kid…

But in the meantime, I am an anxiety ridden driver because I am constantly blinded, especially in the afternoon.

I know my birthday has passed, but If anyone is willing to get me a little booster seat, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’d buy one myself, but I’m still broke as hell at the moment.

Yet I still have this concern that If I were to get a booster seat, I wouldn’t be able to reach the pedals at all because my legs would be even further from them.

So if you’re even more generous, I’d really like one of these…

Preferably exactly this one because this is my favorite color and it’s just too damn cute.

If not, I’m welcome to suggestions and advice from other short drivers, because I don’t know how to deal.


Or simply take this advice and completely avoid me when I’m on the road, k thanks =]


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