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on April 1, 2012

I’d like to  meet the guy who designs high chairs with foot rests that are unreachable by short people.

And I’d like to punch him in the head.

So many restaurants and bars and whatnot just love to use seats that are high up as opposed to regular chairs and tables.

Maybe they save space somehow? Maybe they look more interesting than regular chairs and tables?

I don’t know…but they SUCK.

I recently encountered this issue when I went out to dinner in the city yesterday at Chevy’s on 42nd st.

My sister and I were seated at a high table that was against a couch on the wall and that also had the option of sitting at a high up chair. My sister asked me where I wanted to sit and I said I would sit on the couch part because I usually prefer this sort of seating when it’s available, but as soon as I climbed onto this seat, I immediately slid under the table because I could not reach the foot rest to support myself in the seat.

The guy next to us found this quite amusing.

I had to switch seats with my sister.

And I still couldn’t reach the foot rest to the chair.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened. I mean usually, I’m able to physically sit on a high seat, but I’m never quite able to reach the foot rest that is attached to the stool or seat or whatever it may be.

My legs are constantly left to swing freely, which is only fun for about 5 minutes. Then I start to fidget as I try to get comfortable…because my feet cannot rest…because they cannot reach the part of the chair that is designed for that luxury.

I don’t understand these low placed foot rests.

I feel like the people who designed them are discriminating against the shorties.

Or they at least didn’t take them into consideration when they decided where these foot rests should be placed?

I mean wouldn’t it make more sense to have the foot rest higher up anyway? Because no matter what, the taller person is going to be able to reach it. I mean sure, their knees might bend slightly more, but everyone should have an equal opportunity to use a damn foot rest on a chair!

I mean even highchairs for babies come with reachable foot rests!

This kid’s feet are well rested!


It’s just so damn annoying sometimes.

But you better believe I took the opportunity to slide off the couch seat at least 3 more times before leaving. Because it was too fun and I had a few margaritas at that point. It was Happy Hour after all.


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